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A Million Microns Equals?

A Million Micron Ruler

A million microns = 1 meter.

But let us break that down to something a bit more relatable. 1 meter = 39.37 inches so if we divide that by 1,000,000 we find:

1 micron = .00003937 inches.

That’s pretty small. What does this have to do with air purifiers? Well some air purifiers can actually filter out particles the size of 1 micron and even much smaller. That’s impressive!

So, what does that actually include?

1 micron size particles: Fiber Glass, Coal Dust, Anthrax, and Auto and Car Emission

0.5 micron size particles: Talcum Dust and Copier Toner

0.3 micron size particles: Bacteria, Carbon Black Dust, and Insecticide Dusts

0.2 micron size particles: Burning Wood Smoke and Coal Flue Gas

0.1 micron size particles: Paint Pigments, Clay, Lead and Radioactive Fallout

Hold up. We have-to move that decimal place again because now we are at 0.1 microns or .000003937 inches. This is getting ridiculous. Can anything be smaller than 0.1 microns? Yes!

< 0.1 micron size particles: Atmospheric Dust and Viruses

This is an impressive list but what about the things that come to mind most often when we think about purifying our air at home, like Pollen, Allergens, Mold Spores, and Dust Mites. No problem, you are already covered because all of these common concern things in the air are actually bigger than a micron.

Now that you understand microns, we invite you to shop on our store to find the air purifier that suits your particular needs. We sell air purifiers that filter out sub-micron particles at efficiencies typically ranging from 95 to 99.99 percent. So, if cost is a major factor for you then a machine that filters 9500 out of 10,000 particles (95 percent) may be good enough for you. In any case, we are here to answer your questions and invite you to learn more at our Knowledge Center.

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