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Choosing an AllerAir Machine

AllerAir Air Purifier

One of the things that sets AllerAir air purifiers apart from the competition is their configurability. While over 100 choices can be overwhelming we've done some of the upfront work for you by narrowing down the selection to 11 models that address several important environmental concerns. From our store you can simply choose the AllerAir air purifier model that best suits your concerns and in multiple areas of interest.

AllerAir Air Purifiers and Your Concerns

  • Smoke (Tobacco, Wildfire, Cannabis)
  • MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)
  • Salon (Chemical Source Capture) 
  • General Purpose (Allergies, Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Dust, Pollen, Odors, etc.)


  • UV Option

AllerAir Pro 5 HDS Smoke Air Purifier Pro 5 HDS Smoke   

AllerAir Pro 6 HDS Smoke Air PurifierPro 6 HDS Smoke


AllerAir Pro 5 HD MCS Air PurifierPro 5 HD MCS



  • UV Option
AllerAir Salon Pro 5 Plus Air Purifier

Salon Pro 5 Plus     

AllerAir Salon Pro 6 Air Purifier

Salon Pro 6 Plus     

General Purpose

  • UV Option
  • Carbon Blend Option

AllerAir Pro 5 Air PurifierPro 5  

AllerAir Pro 5 Plus Air PurifierPro 5 Plus   

AllerAir Pro 5 HD Air PurifierPro 5 HD

AllerAir Pro 6 Air Purifier Pro 6  

AllerAir Pro 6 Plus Air Purifier Pro 6 Plus  

AllerAir Pro 6 HD Air Purifier Pro 6 HD

As shown in the Table above, each of the models (with the exception of MCS) have additional configurability of UV Lamp (better at killing bacteria and viruses) and the General Purpose models come with a Carbon Blend Option (standard cleaning vs higher pollution levels such as VOC's, fumes, and strong odors)  

AllerAir Air Purifiers - HEPA and Activated Carbon Masters

AllerAir models are also differentiated by Carbon Size and HEPA Type. Generally, the thicker the carbon the better and while Medical HEPA removes 99.7% of airborne particles at .3 microns, Super HEPA removes 99.99% of particles at .1 microns. If you think about car models as a reference, you are essentially getting additional features as you move from model to model with some overlap.

As you consider the Table below keep in mind that the major difference between the Pro 5 series and the Pro 6 series is vertical height which in the world of Carbon and HEPA translates to surface area.

For example, let's compare a Pro 5 Plus and and Pro 6 Plus. While they both offer about the same Carbon Thickness, the Pro 6 Plus Carbon is heavier and the Pro 6 Plus offers more surface area of Carbon due to the additional 3" inches of vertical height in that machine.

Model Carbon Size HEPA Type

Pro 5

2.5 inches thick, 14 lbs. Medical Grade

Pro 6

2.5 inches thick, 18 lbs. Medical Grade
Pro 5 Plus 3.0 inches thick, 18 lbs. Super
Pro 6 Plus 3.0 inches thick, 23 lbs. Super
Pro 5 HD 3.5 inches thick, 23 lbs. Super
Pro 6 HD 3.5 inches thick, 28 lbs. Super


 As a consumer, the big takeaway is that AllerAir air purifier products give you more flexibility in configurable options which enables you to better fine tune a machine built for your needs and your budget.