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A study published in Environmental Pollution, researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark and the University of Siena in Italy found a clear correlation between air pollution and death rates from COVID-19 in Italy. The authors of the study in Environmental Pollution found a significant variation in the lethality of the virus, depending upon geography, with northern regions such as Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna seeing a lethality rate around 12%, while the rest of Italy had a lethality rate around 4.5%. Meanwhile, new research published in the journal Science of the Total Environment shows that almost 80% of deaths across four countries – Italy, Spain, France, and Germany – were in the most polluted regions.


How can Airdog™ help you? Airdog® combines purification and sterilization to rid your indoor air of not only dust and allergens, but also infectious bacteria and viruses that can linger in the air you breathe and quickly spread illness throughout your indoor space. The marketing claims are Lab Confirmed to destroy and remove infectious pollutants.

Another important factor is that the Airdog TPA technology collects particles down to 14.6 nm, which is multiple times smaller capturing capacity than traditional HEPA filters. Since viruses are parasitic and want to attach to a carrier microbe, it is important to reduce ultra-fine airborne particles to help eliminate the virus carriers and reduce virus spreading. Airdog air purifiers can help protect indoor air at a microscopic level and add a layer of protection against infectious viruses.

Airdog advanced sanitizers / air purifiers provide a unique lifetime washable electronic filter which eliminates having to purchase replacement filters. Airdog filters are nonporous eliminating plugging and 100% washable, providing a durable and environmentally friendly solution.

Backed by 20 international patents, numerous lab certifications, and international recognition, Airdog’s advanced technology is the choice of premium institutions such as Texas A&M University, trusted by homeowners, schools, hotels, medical facilities, and businesses worldwide by providing healthier indoor air for their students, customers, staff, and guests. 


Download the articles from Covid19 Relief Fund page and discover how it is possible to own Airdog to purify your air and have the Federal or State government cover the purchase.

Moreover, just reach out to our support staff and we can provide you with more information on how to interpret any applicable laws for your business and your location. Please send an email request to or call us at 1-866-626-5969.


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