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The Air Supply® Rechargeable and Minimate™ personal air purifiers work by generating an intense electrostatic ion wind that charges floating particles in the breathing zone. The particles are then electrostatically repelled away from the wearer substantially creating a particle free exclusion zone for toxic pollutants and contaminants in the breathing zone. Perfumes and odors are also minimized by the device ionization effect.

These personal air purifiers use patented closed field plasma ionized wind NOT an open field Cottrell type particle precipitator which deposit pollutants and viruses on the wearer, produce very little ionized airflow, and require a conductive neck cord, making the user’s body the collector. 

The closed field plasma device destroys some contaminants by electron impact decomposition, while other micro particles are propelled away from the wearer by the electronic ionized wind. The platinum emitter also helps inactivate viruses with its closed field plasma reactor that generates micro-watts per cubic centimeter of ultraviolet light. Other particles that are forced away are then deposited on the floor or other grounded surface. These particles are so small that it would take years to be noticed as a film.

Significant and substantial reductions of airborne breathable particles from .04 to 3 microns in size by Wein technology have been confirmed by leading world authorities in health related aerosol studies.

Substantial inhalation risk reductions were confirmed under strict laboratory conditions in confined spaces (aircraft cabin simulations) and large test calibration chambers (rooms) used. A leading aerosol scientist Dr. Sergey Grinshpun who peer reviewed the studies said:

“Whether a particle is biological or virulent in humans is of no relevance while it is airborne. While still airborne, these virulent particles obey the same laws and effects as all airborne particles of the same aerodynamic size and density.”

Wein ionic air purifiers demonstrate significant air purifying efficiency. A 60 minute operation of the Air Supply/Minimate (+) and Air Supply/Minimate  (-) moved about 83% and 84% of 0.1 μm particles and about 79% and 83% of 1 μm particles from the air, respectively.

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