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LightAir - Ionization without Ozone

LightAir Air Purifier

LightAir offers a high-tech solution to air purification that revolves around ionization without ozone production. The LightAir IonFlow air purifiers are filter-less machines that offer great value with low maintenance. 

  • Over 25 years of extensive research
  • Founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Two revolutionary technologies, IonFlow and CellFlow
  • Products based on world-leading Swedish technology and design
  • 200,000 products sold world-wide
  • Sales in over 20 markets worldwide

Ionization and Air Purifiers

Ionization is a process that creates ions (atoms with an electrical charge). This occurs by means of electrical discharge, which can be either man-made or naturally occurring such as lightning or splitting of water droplets in a waterfall. It's a release of energy into the air, which has been reproduced in products such as air purifiers. For the latter, this has often been  accomplished by a corona discharge (ionization of air around a conductor carrying a high voltage) with the side-effect of ozone, nitric oxide, and nitrogen dioxide generation.

Ionization and LightAir Air Purifiers

Other technologies such as Needle Point Ionization used by LightAir IonFlow air purifiers are able to harness the positive effects of ionization without the toxic by-products, such as ozone. Needle Point Ionizers are tested in conformance to Underwriters Laboratory (UL) regulations which limits ozone to .05 parts per million (PPM)


The LightAir Ionflow Air Purifier Distinction

LightAir air purifiers are all tested and approved to effectively remove the smallest particles and airborne  viruses. They were the subject of a 7-year long study at the world-renown Karolinska Institute and published in Nature Scientific reports. LightAir IonFlow technology is scientifically proven to deactivate more than 97% of viruses in the air.

The following viruses were included in the study:

  • Influenza virus
  • Calici virus (winter vomiting disease)
  • Rota virus (diarrhea)

    "The ionizing device used in this study was developed on the basis of the ion-flow ionizing technology from LightAir AB, Solna, Sweden...was modified for this work by the Department of Microbiology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. The device (size of 13× 35 cm) was modified by installing a plastic-cup with a conductive surface of 47mm in diameter (GP plastindustri, Gislaved, Sweden) as the collector plate. The collector plate has for safety reasons a very low current, less than 80μA, however the ionizer accelerates an extremely high voltage of more than 200,000 eV. The ionizer creates electrons, which will render surface molecules of particles in air negatively charged thus attracting them to the positively charged collector plate. This device generates approximately 35 000 billion electrons per second with a steady-state ozone concentration below the detection limit (0,002ppm) as tested by VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, Tampere, Finland. It has also been ozone tested and certified by ARB (Air Resources Board) in the US. After the end of the sampling period, the ionizer was turned off, and the collector plate was covered with a lid and stored at −20 °C until analysis. Viruses captured on the collector plates were analyzed by a RT-qPCR for rotavirus, CaCV and influenza virus, and the results from the active- and inactive ionizers were compared. Scanning- and transmission electron microscopy were used for visualization of collected viruses and latex-particles." - Ionizing air affects influenza virus infectivity and prevents airborne transmission, Scientific Reports, November 2014.

    LightAir Air Purifier Ionization - How it Works

    LightAir Air Purifier Ionization

    LightAir IonFlow Air Purifier Technology employs a two pole ionizing technique. By using 110V or 220V and very low strength of current 50 mA and an effect of only 5W the technology is capable through a cascade of diodes and capacitors to accelerate an extremely high voltage of more than 200,000 eV. This enables the extremely high production of several billion electrons per second, meaning several billion negative ions per second.

    Consequently the particle reduction is massive as the number of ions produced at a certain time corresponds to number of particles charged and collected in a certain time. Here are the 3 major takeaways:

      1. It generates billions of electrons per second that transform into negative ions.
      2. The negative ions charge particles such as virus, mold, pollen and smoke etc. negatively.
      3. The positively charged particle collector attracts the negatively charged particles down to PM0.007 or .007 microns.

    LightAir Air Purifier Easy Maintenance

    LightAir IonFlow is a filter-less device for indoor air quality. There are no HEPA or Carbon Filters to replace. When the collector gets dirty you simply remove it from the ion generator and clean it with soap, water, and a soft sponge. 

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