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Air Purifiers for Classrooms


Air purification is a solution for multiple concerns as well as environments. At Think Air Purifiers we enjoy working with customers who are actively involved in making a difference in Indoor Air Quality outside of their home. After all, much of our time is spent at work, shopping, visiting medical facilities, businesses, and school. 

The focus of this case study is the use of air purifiers for classrooms and we asked two of our customers to kindly participate. Below are their respective responses to the following five questions: 

  1. What motivated you to purchase an air purifier?
  2. Why did you choose a particular brand?
  3. Where is your air purifier located?
  4. Do you think your air purifier is making a positive difference?
  5. What was your experience like working with Think Air Purifiers? 


First is Jenna Carrol, Kansha Preschool Director in Wailuku Hawaii where they specialize in the care of children over the age of 3 and under the age of 6. The school opted for a LightAir Ionflow Signature model.


Q1: We wanted to purchase an air purifier to minimize the spread of germs in our classroom. With our tropical, unpredictable weather, we run our AC unit often and wanted a way to ensure clean air.

Q2: The LightAir brand was presented to us as an option for our space as a low maintenance unit that would be reliable. It seemed like the right choice.

Q3: Our air purifier is placed on the side wall of our classroom out of the way of children's play. 

Q4: Yes, I think the air purifier is making a positive difference. 

Q5: Our experience with Think Air Purifiers was really great. Gerry noticed our original order had a shipping issue and quickly reached out to help us. We were provided with several options that would work for our space in a simple and easy to read chart. We are very grateful to have had the help in purchasing our air purifier.

LightAir Air Purifier in Classroom

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Second is Angel Perez, Coordinator of Performing and Fine Arts at the Brentwood Union Free School District in New York. The school chose multiple AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 units for use in various rooms. 

Q1: Covid-19.

Q2: The AllerAir brand had been used in a previous school district. The product is well built and can withstand the rigors of a school environment.

Q3: Music rooms. 

Q4: Yes, Ease of mind that there is an addition way to mitigate the virus. 

Q5: Smooth transaction, professional and courteous service.


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Important Considerations in Choosing Air Purifiers for Classrooms

  • Filtration – There are several technology choices. HEPA with Activated Carbon, Ionizers, Photocatalytic Oxidation.
  • Room Coverage – Consider the size of your classroom and make sure the air purifier is capable of handling the size of the room. This is a great guide.
  • Low Noise Output – A classroom air purifier that is loud can disturb the class and affect concentration. Check out this guide to help you calibrate decibel specifications.
  • High Energy Efficiency – Air purifiers for classrooms should typically run 24/7 or at least anytime the classroom is occupied. Refer to this FAQ to determine how much it costs to operate an air purifier.

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