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Air Purifiers vs Your Nose – Which is Better?

Air Purifier vs Your Nose


After all, the nose is built-in so it wins the convenience factor hands down. Moreover, you get state of the art air filtration without spending hundreds of dollars, paying for electricity, ongoing maintenance, etc. But why the competition in the first place? Can’t we just let noses be noses and air purifiers a modern invention that improves environmental experiences? Sure. But before laying the comparison to rest let’s quickly indulge ourselves with a bit of recent history.

You may not be aware but in recent years air purifiers have received a fair share of negative press. Actually, some of it is warranted given some technologies actually ionize the surrounding air and produce ozone. Now we’ve traded airborne particles for a gas that when inhaled can cause respiratory ailments far worse than dust mites. Granted, we should distinguish machines emitting ozone from outright ozone generators, but hopefully the point is made. When you buy an air purifier because of health concerns such as allergies or even asthma, you want to have some peace of mind that your solution is both effective and safe.

Adding fuel to the fire, sometimes new technologies can be over-hyped and make unsubstantiated claims which in turn bolster counter arguments for “all natural solutions”….and hence, the nose! Let’s be clear, we believe in the science of air purifiers and know that they can be safe and effective in addressing air quality concerns.  But in this article we are going to leave the science debate for another blog and for now claim victory for the nose. Going a step further, let’s just say  that the nose is so superior that it even allows room for the air purifier to shine in one particular area without controversy. Can you guess what that might be?


Ah, there it is. When our old dog Rex romps around the house let’s suppose the nose is doing a fine job with the airborne particles. But, what does it do for the smell? So much for the filter, what about the odor? As we take our victory lap we are reminded that the nose is not just a filter but a sensory organ, and in this case nature has given us a little too much. How do we enjoy the wonderful aromas from the kitchen and not the hound? We can buy an air purifier. In fact, truth be told, it’s actually our noses that helped birth air cleaning technology.

Now we’ve come full circle and making the strong case for fresh smelling air. We shouldn’t be too hard on old Rex though, after all he’s still your best friend. Odors can come from a variety of sources like rotten food, clothes, shoes, cats (couldn’t resist), and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which originate from smoke, furniture, flooring, carpet, adhesives, etc. Not only can these odors be unpleasant but inhalation over time is not good for one’s health. How can an air purifier come to the rescue? We invite you to browse our website and search for products that address these concerns. Your nose will be glad you did!

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