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Healthy Skin - Can Air Purifiers Help?

Air Purifiers and Skin

The US skincare market is projected to reach 37 billion in 2026. People are spending hundreds, some even thousands of dollars every year to care for their skin. With recent studies and research, some people believe airborne bacteria and toxic fumes is damaging to your skin and that sleeping with an air purifier on can help to boost your complexion and fight aging. Here are a few common skin problems and what air purifiers can do for them.

Dry Skin/Skin Rashes/Eczema

Air purifiers can remove harmful airborne allergens such as mold, spores and pollen that often triggers Eczema, a chronic dry skin disorder where skin becomes red, swollen and itchy.


This is a tough battle for many. There is simply no magic solution without side effects. Skin is susceptible to germs and dirt. We have been told not to touch our face as it could make acne worse. The pollutants in the air works similarly. They can also cause breakouts and exacerbate existing conditions. An air purifier's true HEPA filter can remove 99.97% of allergen particles from 0.3 micron and up, before having them land on your skin.


Aging is a natural process for everyone as collagen (a structural protein that signals youth) deteriorate in the skin. We have been told by dermatologists that prolonged sun exposure can accelerate aging and daily daily sunscreen is recommended. Some data suggest a correlation between exposure to air pollutants and aggravation of symptoms of chronic immunological skin diseases. These irritants can also settle on your skin and negatively impact your skin’s collagen. They can cause the collagen to break down and make your skin sag. When air purifiers remove these irritants in the air it may help delay the collagen degradation and potentially slow down the aging process.


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