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How To Remove Dust

Dust Removal

We live in an industrial age, and small particles (like dust) can be a problem in the air. Such tiny dust particles can destroy paint when we spray paint a car and can ruin a scientific experiment when looking for a chemical reaction. In surgery, this can be deadly, and in food packaging, it can make food inedible.

Everyone could make a big difference by merely understanding the uses and processes of different pollution control equipment. Many industries produce a lot of dust, such as furniture construction, wood cutting/grinding, plastic cutting, and metal polishing. The best way to prevent too much dust from escaping into the air is to correctly use the proper dust control systems.

How to Remove Dust - Advantages of using a dust collector

A dust collector is a device that utilizes a cleaning method to enhance the quality of exhaust air from commercial and also industrial processes. It works by collecting dust and other airborne contamination. It is specially designed to take care of intense dust loads.

A dust collection system consists of a dust filter, a blower, a filter cleaning structure, and a dust vessel. It does not work like air filters that use disposable filters to remove dust.

Many types of dust collectors effectively treat different types of air pollution. The most commonly used are inertial separators, bag collectors, air washing machines, electrostatic precipitators, and cartridge dust collectors.

You need to understand the technology that revolves around these systems to ensure a cleaner work environment that will benefit everyone.

How to Remove Dust - Technology Benefits

  • A dust collector helps to remove harmful elements from any work environment, thus allowing workers to work in a clean and safe place.
  • An efficient dust collector aims to protect employees and society from being exposed to heavy air pollution.
  • A dust collector enables industrial plants to remove dust from the air to comply with health and air emissions standards.

How To Remove Dust From Home - 3 Ways

We all know that dust is an inevitable part of everyday life. There is no way to get rid of it unless you decide to live in a perfect vacuum. But of course, you could choose to minimize and remove all those excessive minor solid particles from your home using devices such as air purifiers or air filters. Dust in the air should not be a burden to you.

Removing dust and other harmful pollutants from the home can improve air quality tremendously. Dust in the air happens to be one of the most common carriers of bacteria, and you will do a favor for everyone in your household if you are proactive about removing dust and minimizing associated health risks.

1. Remove Dust the Old-Fashioned Way

Of course, if you want an inexpensive dust removal method, you could go with manual dusting. However, it is best to use cloths, gloves, and mask filters for your mouth and nose so that you are not exposed to flying particles whenever you clean. 

Vacuum cleaners

A common way for people to remove dust is to use vacuum cleaners. You should also use them if you do not want to expose yourself to dust whenever you decide to relax and lie down on the sofa in the living room. It is a popular choice for most homeowners because it happens to be one of the easiest methods of removing dust particles. However, it would be best to buy a versatile vacuum that can reach tight spaces yet be extremely good with fabrics.

Sticky carpets

Sticky carpets are a whole system used in "clean rooms" to prevent us from stepping on dirt and grime in a room. They work by giving us a sticky surface to walk on when we enter the room, and this will cause any free stuff that could be on the bottom of the shoes to come off and get stuck on the carpet rather than floating in the air. Similarly, you can use sticky rollers to remove loose dirt from clothing.

2. Air Filters

If you happen to live in a house with lots of vents or exposed windows near dusty areas, an air filter is a cheap and safe choice. Installing them on different ventilation systems or windows where air quality is essential to you and your family will make a huge difference. Dust in the air is significantly reduced due to these filters' presence and will eliminate (or minimize) the chances of being exposed to pollen, mold, and harmful bacteria.

3. Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers

An air cleaner or air purifier is a device that is used to remove contaminants or dust from the air. These devices are ideal for people suffering from allergies and are even beneficial for people who have asthma. They are also a great choice for many people in mitigating exposure to passive tobacco smoke.

To Learn More visit our "Best HEPA With Activated Carbon Air Purifier" collections at Think Air Purifiers HEPA With Activated Carbon Collection. These air purification systems typically use a pre-filter to capture larger dust particles giving longer life to the HEPA Filter which removes smaller dust particles. To learn more about air purifiers and related topics, we invite you to check out our Blog.

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