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LightAir Signature Air Purifier
LightAir Signature Air Purifier
LightAir Signature Air Purifier
LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Signature

LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Signature

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The LightAir IonFlow Signature is the solution to remove harmful pollutants from your home or office both safely and effectively. The unit is portable, and low maintenance because there are no filters to replace. We offer Free Shipping to Hawaii for LightAir products.

How it works:

  1. Generates billions of electrons per second that transform into negative ions.
  2. The negative ions charge particles such as virus, mold, pollen and smoke etc. negatively.
  3. The positively charged particle collector attracts the negatively charged particles down to PM0.007 or .007 microns.


  • Removes the smallest and most harmful particles such as pollen, dust, exhaust fumes, smoke, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and animal allergens. Scientifically proven by third party governmental tests.
  • Protects against microbes in the air which makes it an efficient air purifier for allergy, asthma, COPD, pregnant, infants, children and other people sensitive to influenza and other infections. According to a seven years scientific research study LightAir IonFlow air purifiers destroy 97% of virus in the air making sure they will never bother you.
  • Will not interrupt your activities or precious sleep! Put it in a bedroom or office and no one will be disturbed! Operates at only 21 decibels.
  • Is hassle-free and easy to maintain. Once the reusable particle collector starts looking dirty, just clean it by rinsing the particle collector in water. No need for ordering new filters and no need for complicated installation of new filters. And don’t worry, even if you forget to clean the reusable particle collector it will continue to operate just as efficiently.
  • Saves money on filter replacements and electricity costs.
  • Ozone-free: Patented innovative technology emits an enormous amount of negative ions without creating unhealthy ozone.

Fine Particle Remover

Particles smaller than PM 2.5 or particles with a diameter of generally 2.5 microns or less are called fine particles. Although they are not visible to the human eye unless they accumulate, most of the particles that deposit deep in our lungs and enter our bloodstream are even smaller than PM2.5. These extremely small particles, PM0.1 and below, particles with a diameter 0.1 microns or less, are called ultra-fine particles or nano particles. Research have shown that these particles represent more than 90% of all the particles indoors making it crucial for air purifiers to catch these particles if they are to have any significant effect in cleaning the air in your room and keeping you healthy.

LightAir IonFlow Signature were developed with the outset of removing the finest and most harmful particles. According to third-party governmental tests, LightAir IonFlow Signature can remove particles from PM10.0 all the way down to PM 0.007 meaning that they keep your air virtually free from the harmful particles you want to avoid.

LightAir - Ionization Without Ozone

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Basic Spec

  • Up to 540 square feet
    • 7.5 x 26 inches
    • Weight: 6.2 lbs.
    • Color: White, Black, Bronze

    Power, Noise Level, Effect

    • Power: 120V, 7 Watts
    • Sound Level: 21 DB
    • Negative Ion Effect: 19,000,000 negative ions/cm3 

    Other Features

    • Certifications: EMC (Electromagnetic Quality) CE, ETL (US), GS, S, BSMI, CQC

    Collector Nominal Maintenance

    1. Remove the collector from the ion generator and clean it with washing-up liquid, water and a soft sponge or dish brush.
    2. Dry the collector with a dishtowel.
    3. Put the collector back on the ion generator according to instructions in the manual.

    Collector Alternative Maintenance (Nominal Cleaning Needs Help)

    1. Spray universal cleaning detergent all around the collector and let it work for 5 minutes.
    2. Use a damp sponge and rub any remaining spots until they disappear.
    3. Dry the collector with a towel and place it back on the ion generator according to instructions.

    Generator, Stand, and Corona Needles Maintenance

    1. Occasionally you may need to carefully clean the fragile corona needles. Use a small brush (e. g. a toothbrush) and carefully brush away the thin layer of white lime scale and dirt which may have attached to the needles. Do not use pressure or water when you clean the needles.
    2. Clean the ion generator and the acrylic stand with a damp cloth or sponge when needed. Wipe clean and rub away any remaining dirt. Dry with a towel. Do not allow the top and bottom to come into contact with water and be careful with the corona needles on the ion generator.

    Important Cleaning Notes

    • Do NOT wash the collector in the dishwasher.
    • Do NOT use cleaning products that contain alcohol solutions, ammonia or alkaline substances, as these products may damage the air purifier.
    • Always unplug the transformer before cleaning the air purifier.


      • If your LightAir air purifier ceases to function within 1-year from the original purchase date as a result of a fault in the material or manufacturing, LightAir undertakes to repair or exchange the product, as the company sees fit. In order for this offer to be valid, the purchaser must return the product to a LightAir authorized service point or point of purchase, along with proof of the date and location of the original purchase.

        This warranty is limited to the above undertakings and does not give the purchaser a right to demand damages or other compensation. This warranty does not affect the purchaser’s statutory consumer rights according to regional or national law.

        IMPORTANT! This warranty does not cover damage caused by failure to follow the instructions given in the user manual.

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