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Wall Mounted Air Purifiers

Wall Mounted Air Purifier

Home appliances are everyday items that should be carefully placed or attached to surfaces to promote neatness, save on space, ensure the safety of children and pets, and even provide security. While some appliances in your home are better off placed on surfaces such as the countertop, others require mounting. 

Some of the main reasons for mounting appliances include but are not limited to safety enhancement, improved aesthetic value, and appliance safety. Wall mounting is a simple and easy process as long as you are equipped with the right tools and know-how. Besides, most appliances contain a user manual that guides you on how to do the mounting without professional assistance.

Mounting appliances goes a long way to reduce the various risks associated with unmounted household electronics. From costly appliance damages to severe injuries, unmounted appliances are simply a ticking bomb. The good thing about mounting is that it offers an inexpensive and unique way to stay organized and modern.

In the air purifier domain, the devices that purify larger areas are typically portable units designed for the floor with casters that facilitate easier movement. However, there are other air purifiers that have been designed to be effective without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. While these models are typically found on table tops, counters, shelves, etc., there are some wall mounted air purifiers as well. However, before discussing one particular highly effective wall mounted air purifier brand, let's take some time to cover wall mounting in general.

Wall Mounting Preparation

Being prepared for a mounting project would entail having the following pieces of equipment with you:

  • Mount 
  • A Power drill
  • Drilling bits
  • A light Non-permanent mark pen 
  • Level
  • Cable covers
  • Anchors
  • Spacers

With the right tools for the job comes the procedure to execute the work nicely. Following a good installation procedure equips you to perform like a lifelong professional technician when mounting your appliance. One of the most commonly mounted household electronic is the TV. The following 11 step procedure can be followed for TVs, air purifiers, and in the general case:

  1. Carefully decide the surface or area where you want to install the appliance. This should not be very close to underlying electrical connections to avoid any danger as a result.
  2.  Place the wall mount on the surface. A smooth surface is preferred for ease during the installation process and ensuring that the mounted piece is stable and firm enough. To attain the perfect balance, use a level. Eye judgment may, in most cases, be inaccurate.
  3. Mark the spots on the mount to be drilled with a light non-permanent marker for a clean job. Smaller but visible spots are preferred. 
  4. Place the masonry bits to the drill if working on a concrete surface. The right size to use depends on the fisher length and width plus the surface to be worked on.
  5. With a power drill, perforate the marked holes with care to avoid injuries. The holes should be according to the size of the anchors. Such holes should not be too wide nor deep for the best mounting. 
  6. Insert the anchors to get a firm grip between the surface and the mount. These are essential and found with the wall-bracket.
  7. Place the wall mount against the holes and fasten it with screws or bolts. Tighten well till firm but again not too tight to avoid damaging the anchors. Ensure that the mount is placed correctly using the level as you tighten.
  8. Place the mounting plate/ bracket arms on the appliance if in this case, you are mounting, and tighten firmly with the screw hole on the back of the appliance .
  9. Smaller appliances are easy to handle alone, but the larger size may need an additional set of hands to place the appliance on the wall bracket on the drilled surface.
  10. Spacers could be used to allow for proper cabling. These are commonly found in the wall bracket.
  11. After, you can use cable covers to conceal the cables for even cleaner results. You can also hide the drilled holes with tip caps if necessary.

Summarizing Wall Mounting

Mounting allows for better organizing, even for bathroom appliances. Besides, it’s an effective way of creating extra room while promoting a modern and feel-good experience in the different sections of your home.

Completing a mounting project by yourself can be exciting and a money saver if you are confident that you can perform the installation tasks independently. Besides, a wide variety of appliances come with mounting kits, which include manuals. It would help if you always took some time to read through the instructions to learn more about installing the devices accordingly.

If you are not confident enough to complete the project on your own, it is highly recommended that you engage the services of a well-trained technician.

When mounting any appliance by yourself, be sure to exercise proper caution by using suitable tools and the appropriate personal protective equipment to avoid injuries. On the positive side, however, injuries during mounting projects are not so common since such projects don’t involve complicated or considerably dangerous equipment.

What Are The Best Wall Mounted Air Purifiers? 

Which Air Purifiers are Recommended?

  • The Airocide APS-200 and APS-300 units are 18 x 7 x 6 and can easily be placed on a counter or wall mounted and cover up to 500 square feet
  • The APS-Airocide1000 XL can be mounted on a wall and covers 3500 square feet

Are They Really Effective?

  • The Airocide technology comes from NASA and employs a patented reaction chamber packed with tiny hollow glass rods coated with a proprietary solution of titanium dioxide (TiO2) permanently fused to their surfaces.
  • This technology is listed by FDA as a Class II medical device.

Is Maintenance Easy?

  • There are no filters to replace.
  • The reaction chamber is swapped out as a single piece.

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