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Best Air Purifiers For Dental Offices

NASA Roots to Root Canals

NASA had a problem. They needed technology to help the astronauts on the International Space Station take the ethylene gas emitted by plants out of the air. So, they created photocatalytic oxidation technology now used in Airocide®.

By 1998 food packers, florists, and grocery chains began to use Airocide to extend the shelf life of flowers, fruits, and vegetables (this one-of-a-kind technology helps save a portion of the 27 billion pounds of produce lost to spoilage each year).

Later, Airocide was introduced to hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, and dental clinics to help stem the spread of infectious disease and improve indoor air quality. 

This is air purification technology so scientifically advanced it goes far beyond that of traditional air cleaners with filters or electrostatic plates. This bio-conversion technology eliminates the harmful airborne pathogens to truly clean the air in dental offices for staff and patients.

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Learn About Airocide Technology

FDA Guidance on Air Purifiers

In the March, 2020 Guidance Document Enforcement Policy for Sterilizers, Disinfectant Devices, and Air Purifiers During the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency the FDA recommended the following evaluation for air purifiers:

Note: Airocide is compliant with the following evaluation list per published study

1. Demonstration of a 4 log reduction (through a combination of capture or destruction) of claimed particulates. See (Texas A&M Study): Reducing Airborne Microbes in the Surgical Operating Theater and Other Clinical Settings (Cram

2. If intended for use against bacteria, effectiveness against representative gram positive and gram negative species. See (Texas A&M Study): Reducing Airborne Microbes in the Surgical Operating Theater and Other Clinical Settings (Cram 

3. If intended for use related to SARS-CoV-2, effectiveness against a representative virus.

4. If the device generates ozone, the maximum acceptable level of ozone per 21 CFR 801.415.

5. If intended for use in areas that have a sterile field or controlled air flow, a risk assessment to address turbulent air flow and/or potential site contamination.

Best Air Purifiers for Dental Offices - FAQ

Do they have to be placed on the floor?

  • The APS-200 and APS-300 units are 18 x 7 x 6 and can easily be placed on a counter and cover up to 500 square feet
  • The APS-Airocide1000 XL can be mounted on a wall and covers 3500 square feet
How loud are they?
  • The APS-200 PM 2.5 and APS-300 units are 41 decibels
  • The APS-Airocide1000 XL is 50 decibels

Will they alter the temperature in the environment?

No. They do not contain and cooling or heating elements.

Is maintenance easy?

Yes. There are no filters to replace. The reaction chamber is swapped out as a single piece.

How much do they cost to operate?

  • The APS-200 PM 2.5 and APS-300 use 60 watts
  • The APS-Airocide1000 XL use 73 watts

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